7 Breaking The Cycle: a new way of seeing!
7 Breaking The Cycle: a new way of seeing (                  ) is a 28 page
booklet written by, Darvad Ceka Hsie. It is a small compilation of words, yet very
powerful message. Darvad has been divinely inspired to bring the message of Level
7 and the seven principles: Womb-science, Natural law, Love, Spirituality,
Economics, Education and Sacrifice. Enjoy this free booklet and stay tuned for
upcoming works by Darvad.

Excerpt from:
7 Breaking the Cycle: a new way of seeing

From the Author:
With-in me is information that NEEDS to be given out to the masses. It is like having
a disk in me with information on it, and I have been directed to copy it and share it.
It is my mission, “Journey Earth”.  Life itself is a mission to me and I intend to complete this mission before going home.
I am the messenger DARVAD CEKA HSIE  and I am here to bring a message. I am here to show others the pathway home
(freedom of  mental, physical and spiritual bondage).  We are all prisoners in a spiritual concentration camp. And as the
messenger in the camp, I will show you how to link all consciousness together. So we may transform and be free. I will carry the
baton and pick up the cause where my ancestors left off. As I know this could be our final hour! I have been impregnated with
the word/a knowing. The knowing I carry is Divinely inspired. It has been instilled in me with the purpose of awakening other
souls to the knowing of the missing link. The link between all of humanity. The plan for humanity is to free the individual self,
help to free others and regain spiritual control of the planet; EARTH, QI, TIAMAT, ERIDU to include all of its sacred names.