At NATURE-RULES we pride ourselves on selling high quality
Body Oils / Fragrance Oils are uncut California based oils, with
no DPG added.
Incense are imported from Bangalore India and are charcoal
base, which reduces smoke.
Resins, Sage bundles, and Smoke Sticks are of the finest quality,
retrieved from  California and the Egyptian deserts.

B MORE... Postcards are  made with love!
Based in Southern Arizona, BMORE... postcards have been created as an encouragement tool with every real life photo taken. Rather it be landscapes, flowers, rocks,
animals or people etc.. The motive is to encourage one to be more, by seeing more in the world around them; and push the self to the fullest potential. "BMORE" the name,
stems from the city of my birth and this concept and preparations has been in the making for over 6 years.
The beautiful city of Baltimore, MD. is where I have learned to be more than I thought I could be. Some of my most important lessons was learned by overcoming the
adversities of my teenage years. Having survived homelessness, this city pushed me to my limits.
When I was around 16 years old I was homeless and starving. I hadn't eaten for ten days; and it was during this experience I learned to hustle on the streets of Baltimore. I
learned from the best ,the Muslim brothers who use to peddle oils and incense downtown in front of the , "Famous Lexington Market". Oils and incense fed me many days.
Hence, they are the main focus of my "Mother" business NATURE-RULES (www.nature-rules.com). They are a very sentimental part of my life to this day!
Shortly after that experience I moved abroad, up and down the east coast. I kept mental photographs of all the things that gave me the push I needed to take the next step.
Now I offer these views that encouraged me to the world.
The Divinity, the promise of life and the promise to be more is inscribed in everything around us. Perception is the key! Hopefully BMORE... postcards will help u to see
these views of encouragement in the photos of your local areas and abroad!
BMORE... postcards is an encouragement tool, it is not its only intended use.
BMORE... postcards can be use in a variety of ways: from affordable advertisement in business or personal events to birthday parties and wedding invitations or souvenirs!
Just send me your picture via text or email (or I can take the photos locally) and together we will create the perfect marketing tool.
Or just choose a post card that appeal to u from the many that is in stock.

We care about the community at BMORE... postcards, and aim to show it with our monthly postcard donations; to charities, missions and organizations with
the focus on aiding in urban communities. If u are or know of a charity, organization or mission (with the above focus) that is or may be interested in
receiving postcard donations please contact us:

www.facebook.com/BMOREPC or

examples postcard uses for missions, charities and organizations:

1: Mail outs ( others can learn about your organization as you send important messages )
Fund raiser ( sell post cards to help get needed supplies )
Handouts ( help others to learn about your organization )

Darvad Ceka Hsie
                               We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!
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